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Plastering Contractors

Where finish is paramount

Since 2009 R.Kenward Plastering Contractors have
become a trusted specialist internal plastering company, providing our clients
with flawless finishes on every project, every time.

Based in the South East, we operate throughout the south, 

are happy to travel nationwide to meet our client's needs, and have even completed projects for clients in Europe. 

Plastering Services Ticehurst

All projects undertaken by R.Kenward Plastering Contractors are carried out with with a quality, quick, clean, reliable and efficient work ethic.

After years of working in the plastering industry within different capacities, the team and I come together in order to provide our clients with the Professional services they expect for their home, site or commercial requirements.


Check out our services below.

Venetian - Marble
Polished - Plastering Ticehurst 

R.Kenward Plastering Contractors are trained and experienced in the application of high quality, luxury, unique and bespoke wall designs and finishes. These are commonly known as Polished Plaster,

Venetian Plaster / Paint or Marble Plastering.
The effects and finishes we are able to achieve really are endless.
From a highly polished / glossy, waterproof marble type finish, right through to a rugged industrial

concrete type finish and anything in between. We regularly use Italian materials for our works, we know the products well and 100% believe in their quality, work ability and durability, we love our products!  

Having said that we are also more than happy to work with clients/interior designers specified products if needed. Some of our favorite finishes include Marmorino, Course Carrara, Tadelakt, Vesuvio,  Mircocement Concrete effects, Oxidised finishes and Metallics. 

Feel free to contact us to talk about your needs, whether it be a feature wall, tadelakt wet room, or entire luxury living spaces we have the knowledge and experience to help make your design dreams and ideas become a reality.

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Plastering Ticehurst

We absolutely love plastering and the processes involved in creating a flawless finish.

 We believe that along with decorators and second fix carpentry that plastering is the most important part of any room / build / project as these are the visuals and the end results you will be left with and be living with in the future. We believe this starts with critical planning about your project and what you want, we believe the focus should be attention to detail as the best finishes are always the result of a keen eye for detail and then,  preparation. The art of producing a quality finish is all in the preparation.

We are more than happy to talk to you regarding your ideas, explain all your options
and answer questions you may have. We always work closely with each client to make sure we’re meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations. Please feel free to get in touch for more information on how we can help you achieve the finish required for your project

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